Let's fight for the innocent children of Africa



We are a Human Resource Private Voluntary Organization in Africa based in Ghana, West Africa. Our target groups are children in deprived communities of Africa in particular and the world at large. A deprived community is defined by Ghana Education Service as` a community woefully lacking the basic facilities such as drinkable water, road, health facility, school, etc. The only means of livelihood is subsistence farming.

Research has shown that about 95% of street children have moved from deprived communities to the cities. Student in the cities perform better than those in the deprived communities. Girls drop out of school because of teenage pregnancy.

A survey conducted in some big organization show that, of all their executives only 0.5% of the total had their basic education in deprived communities of Africa.

To tackle the problem of poverty is tackle the grass root-the deprived community. We educate to eradicate poverty.

We raise competent, self motivated Leaders in deprived communities. We raise people to take leading roles in various professional fields like Medicine, Administration, Government, Research and Consultancy. We also raise Investors, Job creators, Income generation projects, Business initiatives etc.