Let's fight for the innocent children of Africa



The Mission of Brighter Life International is to bring Hope and Re-direction to the youth in deprived communities of Africa and the world at large. To educate and build their self esteem to become productive members in the society.


The vision is to; - Bridge the digital gab between the cities and the deprived communities of Africa.
- Higher education.
- Create good role models to inspire basic school children.
- Engage in outreach programs to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Members will have the opportunity to participate in Local and International Conferences to interact and promote business initiatives, leadership skills and make contacts with other members in Africa.

Our programs will enable members to identify, release and maximize their potentials. Members will have the opportunity to further their education to the highest standard desired by them. They will be trained and equipped with Technological skills which are woefully lacking in Deprived communities of Africa.