Let's fight for the innocent children of Africa


Measures Taken

As the chief executive officer of Brighter Life International, the following measures have been taken;

Stage one;
Sensitization and Awareness Campaign

i) Meet with all stake holders of education in the community
ii) Prepare dossier on students
iii) Interview parents of students

Stage two;

i) Operation Comeback to school
ii) Operation Sustain Interest in school
iii) Operation Empower Youth (Soliciting of computers etc.)
iv) Operation Reach out Parents

Stage three;

i) Building of knowledge center (building/offices)
ii) Friends and partners

The focus of Brighter Life International is to help the deprived school child. We see the `environment` of the kids as having made of, the parents, teachers, and the youth.

Parents do not play their roles as good and responsible parents.

The youth have not been good role models. About 99% of them drop out of school. Conditions in which we live affect the nature of our live. Life which is continually surrounded by darkness is in danger of losing its brilliance. Life outside the idea environment destroys potentials because a wrong environment means death.