Let's fight for the innocent children of Africa



Our focus is on basic school children in deprived communities. To educate and build their self esteem to become productive members in the society.

Education is a Universal Human right and the key to sustainable human development. This we do through the following;
- Provide financial, medical, technical and material support to the child’s education.
- Create good role model from among girls.
- Bridge the technological gab between children in cities and that of deprived communities.
- Monitor the child’s life till he/she has become a professional career man or woman leader.
- Provide career guidance and counseling.
- (Guide the child to identify, release, develop and maximize the potential).
- Train parents on good parenting.
- Combat the spread of HIV/AIDS.

We educate to eradicate poverty.

Human beings have the choice over every thing except two things they cannot choose. The choice of parents and the geographical location they were born.

People have been born to very poor, illiterate parents in very deprived communities of Africa. The child born into ignorance, illiteracy and poverty gives innocent child a negative perception and mental attitude in life. The child grows as an offspring and a byproduct of his negative environment (parents, older siblings etc).

Many street children have ever lost the chance to become a professional career man or woman.

Should innocent children be allowed to suffer by no fault of theirs?