Let's fight for the innocent children of Africa


Main Objective

The main objective of Brighter Life International is to; train, counseling, monitor and guide children to discover, release and maximize their potentials.

1) Training and Counseling
Schooling in deprived communities is very dry. They lack interesting activities. This is the medium through which a positive picture of the future is shown to the kids. The kids mind disabused of the negative perception they have about life. They are trained to be self motivated, innovative and competent in every sphere of life.

The facilitator is recruited among the staff of the local school and must have undergone intensive training before they assume duty.

These shall be some of the programs;
- Funfairs
- Excursions
- Film shows
- Career guidance and counseling etc.

2) Motivation
- Clothing and other materials shall periodically be given to the kids.
- Prizes of books and stationary will be awarded to hardworking students every academic year in collaboration with local school.
- Children would be introduced to basic computer skills etc.